Santos trials Roborigger with the HINGE-LOK pipe transportation system

The Santos drilling and logistics team recently trialled Roborigger in conjunction with the HINGE-LOKTM transportation frame for handling screened casing. The system is attractive because the casing can be run directly from the racks and because it eliminates the need for long transport baskets. The HINGE-LOKTM cradle system components can be hand packed into a […]

TENSA DLR100L facilitated an offshore lift in the Dampier Archipelago

Austral Construction recently approached TENSA Equipment to supply a Dynamic Load Reducer in order to facilitate an offshore lift in the Dampier Archipelago. The project involved lifting an 80t load from a floating barge to a static platform. Austral Construction required a Dynamic Load Reducer to reduce the dynamic loading on the crane due to […]

HINGE-LOKTM Casing & Tubing Transportation Frame

TENSA now the Australian agent for HINGE-LOK Casing & Tubing Transportation Frame

TENSA Equipment is now offering Global Offshore’s HINGE-LOKTM Casing & Tubing Transportation Frame product series for offshore transportation and protection of all types of casing, tubing, screen liners, expandable liners, completion assemblies, stabilizers, and drilling jars. The HINGE-LOKTM system dramatically reduces the need for manual handling. Pipe, tally, drifting, and centralizer installation can be handled […]

Roborigger impresses and takes home three awards at WA Innovator of the Year 2019

Roborigger has set a new benchmark for the WA Innovator of the Year programme by bringing home three awards this year, impressing the judges with its universal potential to improve safety and efficiency in lifting for the construction, oil and gas, and mining industries. The three awards are the Woodside Oil and Gas Platinum award, […]

Roborigger achieves first international footprint at Shawcor’s pipeline facility

Roborigger recently achieved a huge new milestone by commencing its first international operation at Shawcor’s pipeline facility in Batam, Indonesia. Shawcor, one of the world’s largest pipe-coating providers in the oil and gas market, identified the use of Roborigger as a means of achieving their safety initiative to remove personnel away from the loads and […]

Roborigger wins WA Worksafe 2019 Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards

TENSA Equipment Managing Director, Derick Markwell and Multiplex Regional HSE Manager, Darren Ridley yesterday took the winners spot for the WA Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards. The award, an initiative of the WA government Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, combined the former Work Safety Awards WA and the Safety and Health Resources […]

Roborigger team shares industry insights with UWA engineering students

As part of our continued investment in working with WA university engineering graduates, Roborigger team recently came together to support the student-run club that runs a makerspace for students to make things using digital fabrication equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC mills. The UWA Makers Quiz Night was designed to connect UWA engineering […]

Multiplex improves site safety with Roborigger

Roborigger, an innovative lifting device that allows riggers and dogmen to control loads wirelessly from a safe distance, is now being used by construction giant Multiplex. The innovative automated product, developed by TENSA Equipment, is currently being used on Mutiplex’s latest project, the New Museum for Western Australia. The Roborigger device, the first of its […]

Roborigger production facility set up in WA

We have continued on our commercialisation path for Roborigger by setting up a new production facility in Wangara. The production facility houses a team of 10 mechanical, mechatronics and industrial automation engineers. It is equipped with the capability and resources to build, assemble and test Roborigger line of products. The first production run of AR10, […]

Roborigger deployed in Karrinyup Shopping Centre redevelopment site

A Roborigger AR10 unit has now been deployed on the Karrinyup Shopping Centre redevelopment project. Roborigger is being used for formwork and reinforcement placement as well as general lifting operations.

Roborigger enters fifth month of service at new WA Museum

Roborigger is proving its reliability by entering the fifth month of service on the new WA Museum site.  Our AR10 unit has been deployed since December and has performed above expectations . It is now  attached to the crane for all operations and operating without tag lines has now become standard on the site. Watch […]

Woodside to trial Roborigger on its onshore supply bases

Woodside has contracted TENSA Equipment to supply its newly released wireless load controlling system, Roborigger, for a 3-month’s trial at its onshore supply bases.  Woodside’s contract came after TENSA successfully showcased Roborigger’s capabilities in a live demonstration to industry stakeholders last year. Attendees included companies in the mining and energy sectors including Woodside, BHP, Chevron and […]

Commercial use of Roborigger commenced on Perth CBD construction site

Roborigger, TENSA’s new wireless load orienting device commenced its first working day on a Multiplex’s construction site in Perth CBD this week. Multiplex has been supporting TENSA’s Roborigger development as an industry partner since 2017. “At Multiplex we are always seeking to identify safer ways of doing things, so it’s been a great opportunity for […]

TENSA’s new crane device, Roborigger, is ready to go on site

TENSA has demonstrated Roborigger to industry stakeholders including the WA regulators and the unit is now ready for use on site. We are preparing to deploy it on a major construction site in the Perth city within the next month. Units will also be made available for other customers to trial. Currently the 10t and 5t […]

TENSA’s new automated rotation device, Roborigger, showcased to industry stakeholders

TENSA has successfully conducted two live demonstrations of its newly released Roborigger, an automated load controlling device for cranes. The demonstration highlighted Roborigger’s features and showcased its lifting and rotation capabilities with actual crane operations namely, lifting and rotating a 20ft container to 90 and 180 degrees as well as lifting and rotating a tower […]

New crane device, Roborigger, will make work sites safer

TENSA Equipment has been working with Curtin University to develop a better control algorithm for our automated wireless lifting and rotation device, Roborigger, which will improve workplace safety in construction and oil and gas. The industry-academia collaboration, which was made possible through a $30,000 Innovation Connections grant, aimed to to develop a mathematical algorithm for determining […]

How to better understand your heave compensation needs

As a heave compensation specialist, at TENSA, we receive a lot of client’s enquiries on the right product to choose for different lifting applications in offshore operations. The following table outlines the key criteria you can use to decide on the right heave compensation product for your project: Choosing the right system Dynamic load reducer […]

Improving port operations with telescopic gangways and motion monitoring

In the past year we’ve seen a growing interest from port operators to use gangways to increase safety and improve operations both in the port and for offshore transfers near the port. For example, Port Botany recently installed a gangway tower at their bulk liquid terminal to improve berth efficiency. There is also the plan […]

TENSA, gangway, AHC pedestal, personnel transfer

Can high speed boats replace helicopters and carry out routine resupply?

Having to land helicopters in high winds and on heaving and rolling vessels not only poses operational but safety challenges for helicopter transfer. Helicopters are also expensive to operate and maintain, requiring a significant amount of support both on the onshore and offshore facilities. High speed vessels offer a viable alternative to helicopters and can […]

TENSA Dynamic Motion System (DMS) aboard Dampier Spirit for helicopter monitoring

TENSA recently provided our DMS Mini motion monitoring system for use on the FSO Dampier Spirit located approximately 40 km off the coast from Karratha. Teekay Shipping (Australia), the operator of Dampier Spirit will use the DMS for general motion monitoring and as a backup for their Helideck Motion System (HMS). Having TENSA’s DMS Mini […]

TENSA DLR adopted by Paragon Offshore for its jackup drilling rig fleet

In January this year, the US-headquartered Paragon Offshore completed its purchase of a TENSA Dynamic Load Reducer (DLR) 60L for its offshore operations in India. Instead of renting the DLR on a project basis, Paragon Offshore saw an immediate and long term need to purchase the DLR. The DLR will be used to reduce the […]

Oil Search reduces number of helilifts for its drilling modules by 30% with TENSA helilight mud tanks

Late last year, we concluded a major project with Oil Search Limited to design and deliver 14 lightweight mud system modules for its drilling operations in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. TENSA’s pitch was to reduce the weight of the modules so that they could be lifted by a chinook helicopter without requiring them […]

TENSA DMS proves vital for Cooper Energy’s Bass Strait operation

Convinced by a demonstration of the TENSA Dynamic Motion System (DMS) motion monitoring sensor and software at the AOG 2018, Cooper Energy decided to hire a TENSA DMS Mini complete with its full monitoring software application for their offshore operations on the Ocean Monarch rig. TENSA DMS is especially useful to monitor heave velocity, pitch […]

5 applications for TENSA DMS motion monitoring system

In offshore operations, moving heavy equipment from and to vessels in a seastate can be a tricky business. The movement of the vessels can cause large dynamic loads to be applied to a crane when the load is lifted from the deck. These loads, however, are not easily predicted with the current technology of ‘guesstimating’ […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit TENSA at AOG 2018

TENSA Equipment will be exhibiting at the Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference (AOG) 2018 from Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 March at the Perth Exhibition and Conference Centre (PECC). Join us at Booth J1. To help you make the most of your visit, we give you 3 reasons why you should join us: Reason […]

TENSA Awarded NERA Grant for ROBORIGGER and Active Heave Compensated Pedestal

TENSA Awarded NERA Grant for ROBORIGGER and Active Heave Compensated Pedestal

TENSA is delighted to announce we have been awarded two innovation vouchers from National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) for our Active Heave Compensated (AHC) Pedestal and soon to be launched Roborigger, two products which deliver innovative solutions to technical challenges faced by various companies in the oil and gas and construction industries.

Our AHC Pedestal provides an alternative to using helicopters for transferring personnel from one vessel to another at offshore oil and gas facilities. The Pedestal reduces relative motion between vessels enabling a lightweight gangway on a small high speed vessel to match the motion of a larger vessel. If helicopters are replaced by vessels, transferring personnel becomes less costly and safer, improving health and safety as well as financial outcomes.

Seeking development partners for ROBORIGGER products

Tensa ROBORIGGER products are designed to allow the dangerous operations of orienting and landing lifted loads without the need for people to be in the vicinity of the load. There is an average of three fatalities per year in Australia as well as many injuries and near misses from crane accidents. ROBORIGGER solves this problem. […]

The Tensa Dynamic Motion System (DMS) is now market ready!

The Tensa Dynamic Motion System (DMS) is now market ready! It has been a long process but our motion monitoring unit is The Tensa DMS has been tested to EN 60945 (portable equipment class) and all testing for CE and FCC certifications has now been completed. We are currently planning our DMS product launch for […]

Oil Search lightweight drilling module

Oil Search lightweight drilling module Tensa was awarded in March 2017 the job of designing and delivering a lightweight drilling module to Oil Search to be delivered by July. Tensa’s pitch was a new and innovative idea with 14 modules with a nine tonne limit per module to be lifted by a chin hook that […]

AOG 2017 Review: Oil & Gas Australasia – February 2017

AOG 2017 Review: Oil & Gas Australasia – February 2017 In March, TENSA had the privilege of attending the 2017 Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference in Perth Exhibition Centre. Showcasing our unique range of equipment including the passive heave compensated gangway which facilitates the safe transfer of personnel and equipment from vessels to […]

TENSA DMS Started From Modest Grant – May 2016

TENSA DMS Started From Modest Grant – May 2016 Following our $20,000 grant courtesy of the WA State Department’s Innovation Vouchers program, we have been published in Energy News Bulletin. TENSA’s founder Derick Markwell has commented on the win and the overall structure of research grants. Read the full article here.

TENSA Dynamic Motion System Mini DMS plugged into a laptop using a USB

TENSA DMS Receives Innovation Vouchers Grant – April 2016

TENSA DMS Receives Innovation Vouchers Grant – April 2016 TENSA Equipment has received a matched government grant to further the development of our Dynamic Motion System which provides a wireless vessel motion monitoring system that can be used for many applications in the offshore industry. Read what was published in the oil and gas press […]

Vessel Motion Monitoring System Launched – April 2016

Vessel Motion Monitoring System Launched – April 2016 TENSA Equipment has had an article published in Oil & Gas Australia following the launch of the DMS motion monitoring system. Read the full article here.

SPE News Australasia Logo

TENSA DMS Product Featured In SPE News Australasia – April 2016

TENSA DMS Product Featured In SPE News Australasia – April 2016 We have had an article published in SPE News Australasia discussing the benefits and unique functionality of our DMS motion monitoring system. Read the full article here.

TENSA Awarded DLR Contract for Canadian Hydro Power Company – April 2016

TENSA Awarded DLR Contract for Canadian Hydro Power Company – April 2016 TENSA Equipment has had an article published in Business News highlighting the award of a contract from a Canadian Hydro Power company to supply a DLR for use on the Kootenay River. Read the full article here.

Transferring People Between Vessels – the Wrong Way

Transferring People Between Vessels – the Wrong Way This video is a great example of the problems associated with transferring personnel and equipment between different sized vessels in the offshore environment.

Uptime Motion Compensated Gangway illustration used on an vessel

TENSA Now Australian Agents For Uptime – January 2016

TENSA Now Australian Agents For Uptime – January 2016 TENSA has become the Australian agent for Uptime heave compensated gangways and helidecks. Uptime ( is a Norwegian company which has developed a range of innovative heave compensated products. The gangways are ideal for boat to structure and boat to boat transfers. Watch the video below […]