TENSA Awarded NERA Grant for ROBORIGGER and Active Heave Compensated Pedestal

TENSA is delighted to announce we have been awarded two innovation vouchers from National Energy Resources Australia (NERA).

The NERA innovation vouchers were awarded for our Active Heave Compensated (AHC) Pedestal and soon to be launched Roborigger, two products which deliver innovative solutions to technical challenges faced by various companies in the oil and gas and construction industries.

Our AHC Pedestal provides an alternative to using helicopters for transferring personnel from one vessel to another at offshore oil and gas facilities. The Pedestal reduces relative motion between vessels enabling a lightweight gangway on a small high speed vessel to match the motion of a larger vessel. If helicopters are replaced by vessels, transferring personnel becomes less costly and safer, improving health and safety as well as financial outcomes.

The Roborigger is a battery powered wireless device which uses gyroscopic and inertial forces to accurately rotate and orient loads. Moving and orientating heavy equipment can be a workplace health and safety challenge, the Roborigger will eliminate the need for personnel to land and unhook heavy loads. It has other applications including the ability to hold wind turbine blades stationery when they are being attached to the hub of a wind turbine and can also assist with pipelaying vessels as pipes are moved across from one vessel to another.

We are extremely proud of our innovative products and thank NERA for their recognition of our work.

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