Tensa provides range of engineered products for the onshore and offshore drilling, lifting, construction and operations.

We can provide custom designed equipment to meet your unique requirements. Our design team has over 20 years of experience in the offshore oil and gas and construction industry. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Roborigger is a wireless load controlling system which uses gyroscopic and inertial forces to accurately rotate and orient crane loads. Roborigger allows lifting operation to be undertaken without using taglines or without personnel to be in the vicinity of the load. Roborigger has been site-tested for over 12 months with our development partners in commercial use. Rental units are now available.
Roborigger system for 10 tonnes SWL
Roborigger system for 15 tonnes SWL
Modular load controller for 20 tonnes SWL
Modular load controller for 35 tonnes SWL
The Tensa DMS is a powerful multi-function inertial and position information system designed to provide decision support and digital data collection for offshore marine operations.  It provides accurate vessel information on heave acceleration, velocity & heave, pitch, roll, heading, position, velocity and course. The system is designed to be user friendly, intuitive and to operate without the need for any supporting technicians.  
Dynamic Load Reducer, DLR, shock absorber, load reduction, dynamic loads, piling shock loads
TENSA DLR is used on offshore cranes to drastically reduce the dynamic loads associated with lifts from moving vessels. The DLR will typically increase the crane capacity by between 20% and 40% for dynamic lifts. The DLR can also be used in applications such as pile driving where it will absorb shock loading if the pile drops when driving.
TENSA can deliver the complete solution for safe offshore crew, cargo and equipment transfer. We offer passive and active heave compensated gangways through our partner Uptime International AS from Norway as well as an active heave compensated pedestal (AHCP) that can transform an Uptime 12m or 15m PHC gangway into a fully AHC gangway.  
12m gangway
Uptime gangways
Active Heave Compensated Pedestal
Cranemaster, PHC
TENSA provides a range of in-line heave compensation equipment that is designed to be used with existing cranes or winches. Systems include cylinder type that are hung between the hook and the load as well as deck mounted systems that are used between the winch and the overboarding sheave. TENSA also provides subsea passive heave compensators that may be used when lowering heavy subsea equipment to the seabed.  
Inline Deckmounted Passive Heave Compensator
PHC IL70 Passive Heave Compensator
SPHC 500 X4 Subsea Passive Heave Compensator
SPHC 400 X2 Subsea Passive Heave Compensator
Tensa offers a range of proven Active Heave Compensated winches built by ntd Offshore in Denmark. We can offer both hydraulic and electric winches in capacities up to 100 tonnes.  
AHC – HY Series Hydraulic Winch
AHC – EL Series Electric Winch
TENSA provides a complete range of conductor tensioning systems for jackup drilling rigs and for tender assist rigs. We offer both push type systems designed to be located on the conductor deck and pull type systems that are attached to the underside of the drill floor. We also make a range of accessories to suit Tensa and other brands of  conductor tensioner systems.  
Push type
Pull type
Combined unit
Custom Systems
Gimbal Insert Bush
We provide a range of conductor and speciality clamps that have been rigorously tested to ensure a significant factor of safety against slippage while maintaining the integrity of exterior coatings.  
Gripper Type Conductor Clamps
Type B Gripper Clamp
Polygrip Clamp
Safety Clamp
Pipe in pipe annulus clamp
Casing Centralisers
HINGE-LOK Casing & Tubing Transportation Frame
Concrete Subsea Storage Tank Setup, oil storage, storage tank
Tensa has developed a low cost oil storage system. While sub-sea concrete oil storage is nothing new, the ability to install easily and to readily relocate the storage unit at minimal cost is the innovative solution we offer. Special features include the ability to moor an offtake tanker to the storage tank, the incorporation of a membrane to separate the oil and ballast water, and no requirement for additional ballast even when used in cyclone prone locations.
TENSA weight optimised innovative lightweight drilling modules are specifically designed for helilift operations. We are also the agent for GN Solids Control equipment in Australia.
Drilling Modules
Shaker Screens
Centrifugal Pumps
Shale Shakers
Other Solids Control and Mud System equipment available
Slam deck, vessel, barge, reduce impact force, unloading loading operations, shock absorber
The Tensa Slam Deck is used on offshore supply vessels or barges to reduce the impact force on the vessel deck during loading and unloading operations in harsh environments. The Slam Deck utilises a rubber shock absorbing mechanism under a steel deck framework. The Slam Deck is modular and the panels can be transported in an open top 20ft container. Slam Deck is designed to absorb the kinetic energy of a 10t load dropping at a maximum speed of 1.5m/s.
Load Limiting Bails
The TENSA Load Limiting Bails (LLB) work as an independent safety mechanism when the rig’s heave compensator fails. The LLB is normally fully retracted and will not affect the normal functionality of the compensator. It will automatically extend when its preload tension is exceeded.
Prosertek has been one of the leading manufacturers of harbor equipment since 1990. Prosertek products include Berting Aid System (BAS), Quick Release Hooks, Fenders, Bollards, Port Cranes, Boarding Bridges and Marine Gangways. Prosertek products are developed by their highly-skilled team of engineers that are well-known for their solid and long-lasting designs. Prosertek has their own machinery, production facilities and testing centers at their factories, as well as a range of assembly equipment. Tensa Equipment is Prosertek's representative in Australia and New Zealand.