Santos trials Roborigger with the HINGE-LOK pipe transportation system

The Santos drilling and logistics team recently trialled Roborigger in conjunction with the HINGE-LOKTM transportation frame for handling screened casing.

The system is attractive because the casing can be run directly from the racks and because it eliminates the need for long transport baskets. The HINGE-LOKTM cradle system components can be hand packed into a small crate for backloading.

Roborigger in conjunction with HINGE-LOK allows the loads to be controlled during lifting so they can be lifted without tag lines and the risk of damage to the pipe is minimised.

The trial involved assembling the HINGE-LOKTM system, loading the tubular well screens in the HINGE-LOKTM frame, and connecting the HINGE-LOKTM system to Roborigger. Roborigger AR10 (WLL 10t) was used to lift and orientate the tubular screens within the HINGE-LOK frame wirelessly by remote control.

Watch the video to see the full demonstration of Roborigger and the HINGE-LOKTM system: