Roborigger team shares industry insights with UWA engineering students

As part of our continued investment in working with WA university engineering graduates, Roborigger team recently came together to support the student-run club that runs a makerspace for students to make things using digital fabrication equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC mills.

The UWA Makers Quiz Night was designed to connect UWA engineering students with industry representatives from companies including TENSA Equipment, Oceaneering, Monodelphous, UGL and Specialised Oil Services.

It’s very energising to see our own engineering interns Hansel Santoso, Kieran Mills, Ben Longbottom and Jesse Fletcher running the show.

Mark Dillon, TENSA Senior Mechanical Engineer said the UWA Makers club showed great initiative in creating such a unique and memorable event.

“It’s not often that engineers get together to flex their skills in a competitive way but it made for a very entertaining night.”

A particular highlight involved Roborigger’s Owen “Magic Fingers” Collins successfully diffusing a (puzzle) bomb in mere seconds; minutes ahead of everyone else.