Oil Search reduces number of helilifts for its drilling modules by 30% with TENSA helilight mud tanks

Late last year, we concluded a major project with Oil Search Limited to design and deliver 14 lightweight mud system modules for its drilling operations in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

TENSA’s pitch was to reduce the weight of the modules so that they could be lifted by a chinook helicopter without requiring them to be disassembled and lifted in 2 sections as was required in the past. Great attention was given to the module design by using lightweight materials and weight saving in the details and equipment. In addition, the use of thin stainless components and fibreglass will reduce the ongoing maintenance costs.

TENSA worked with our Chinese partner GN Solids to deliver a system that was fully compliant with Australian and international standards at a very reasonable cost and in a very short time frame. The entire project was completed in less than 6 months and the system has already been used successfully on its first gas exploration well.

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